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You have found the latest and greatest place for writing inspiration! pretend_writerFor each day of the week a new set of questions will be posted for your writing pleasure. We start the week  off easy on Mondays with one question working our way up to Five questions on Friday!

But the fun doesn't stop there! Mixed in with the daily  questions you will find random posts of word plays, drabbles, journal prompts, An image says it all, dictionary drabbles, book challenges and more! If this sounds like the place you been looking for 
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There are not many rules to this community,
so please let's follow them.

1. Please no advertising!

2. Keep criticism nice. 

3. Please no grammar or spelling corrections (unless requested)... this is not an English class, we are here for fun! 

4. Please place all posts of questionable content on your journal with a link back to it.  (i.e. adult stuff) Place a warning in the subject 
of the comment also.

How to Post:

Only the Moderator can post directly to the group. Post your replies in the comment section of the post you are answering.
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Rules can be updated at maintainer's whim!

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What's a drabble? 

       A drabble is a short story of exactly 100 words. 


How do I make a Lj Cut 

    w/o text: <*lj-cut> ... <*/lj-cut>

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How can I submit a suggestion for a post?

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What is a Quizzle?  

     A Quizzle is where you take the posted word and create a sentence describing something personal about you.

What is a Word Play?

     A word play is where you take a list of words and write up a short story/spill piece using all the words in it. Word plays are usually 100-1000 words long.


Following Links will filter out all other categories than the one you clicked on. So if you like to just do one type  of prompt this will  help narrow it down for you.

An Image Says It All....

Book Challenge

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Dictionary Drabble

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